Religion News Service on the Franklin Graham-Pete Buttigeig Dust-Up


Photo by Christian Broadcasting Network

Below is a taste of Jack Jenkins’s piece.  I was happy to contribute:


Matthew Vines, author of “God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships,” believes that leaders such as Graham are either unaware of or unconcerned with the disconnect between their views and those of the general public.

“Part of what makes this different is that Franklin Graham was using this rhetoric that is mainstream in the conservative church in a much broader arena, where the audience is very different,” he told Religion News Service.

Vines said voters — especially Democrats — may be skeptical of the evangelist’s criticism of Buttigieg given Graham’s fervent support for President Donald Trump, whose rhetoric and actions many view as immoral.

“I think a lot of conservative Christian leaders, especially those who have aligned themselves with Trump, are not really aware the extent to which they have decimated their moral authority and ability to speak to this subject in the public square,” he said.

Still, John Fea, professor at Messiah College and author of “Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump,” characterized the whole debate as “much ado about nothing,” politically speaking.

“I do not think evangelicals (of any race) are ready yet for a gay president and few of them will vote Democratic, so in some ways the point is (moot),” he said in an email. He added that if evangelicals did back a Democrat, it would most likely be former Vice President Joe Biden.

Fea suggested Buttigieg’s sexuality may not be the biggest obstacle for him to overcome with evangelical voters. Instead, his support of abortion rights is more likely to keep evangelicals from casting their ballot for the Indiana mayor.

“If Buttigieg was pro-life and gay that would be very interesting,” Fea said. “My guess is that many evangelicals would hold their nose and vote for Buttigieg because the life of the unborn is more important.”

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