If Democrats Want to Remove Trump From Office in 2020 They Need to Rally Around Joe Biden

098ac-bidenBiden is in the race.

In a head-to-head battle with Trump, Biden wins easily.  He will win Pennsylvania and will probably win Michigan and Wisconsin.  That’s all he needs.  (Actually, he just needs Pennsylvania).

If anyone else runs against Trump–especially someone in the so-called “progressive lane”-there is a much better chance Trump will get another term.

So what does the Democratic Party want to do?

If the members of the party really want to defeat Trump, the current candidates should all drop out of the race right now and rally behind Biden.  Every time the Democratic candidates beat-up on Biden during the primary season they reduce the chances of their party taking back the White House in 2020.

It is that simple.

12 thoughts on “If Democrats Want to Remove Trump From Office in 2020 They Need to Rally Around Joe Biden

  1. Totally agree! He’s uber qualified and so soulful. As a morally conservative Independent, I’d prefer Kasich or Romney… but I’ll gladly embrace Joe. Love the guy. My fear is that in savaging Biden for not meeting their “woke” standards, the Dems will destroy their best person and hand the race to Trump.


  2. Alex: why is it weird? There is always potential tension between ideological/political agreement and electability. As WFB said: he voted for the most conservative, electable candidate. That would not necessarily be his favorite. These sorts of tradeoffs and pragmatic calculations are unavoidable. And you’re still free to ride with your preferred choice, eschew “triangulation”
    — and hope they can prevail.


  3. Shouldn’t it be weird in a democratic republic that someone should vote for someone who isn’t’t their favorite representative? Our election system is so sub-optimal.


  4. James: I think Biden — for all his gaffes and, ahem, overly affectionate interactions with the fairer sex — is far more likable than Hillary. At least he can project personal warmth, something she couldn’t pull off without triggering the “Her Smile Never Reaches Her Eyes” klaxon alarms.

    Does the “I’m a hardscrabble boy from Scranton, PA and ride the Acela with my trusty shotgun” shtick veer into used car salesman territory? Sure. Is he a reliably lock-step liberal on pretty much any policy you care to name? Yes. But — he won’t willingly (he may be forced to) talk about banning fossil fuels and cars, reparations, abolishing ICE, college debt forgiveness for all, nationalizing those evil, billion dollar companies, eliminating private insurance, allowing terrorists to vote, demon guns and whatever other wacky agenda items daily emanate from the far left caucus of Booker, Harris, Warren, Sanders et al. — so he won’t frighten moderates to death.

    I think John’s strategic analysis is correct. The problem for Biden is that he won’t emerge from the D primary “Who Is the Wokest of them All?” Tong War. Too male. Too white. Too old. (Yes, those are Bernie’s negative attributes as well, but he’s got real deal, I-HEART-Venezuela’s-economic-plan Socialist street cred that Biden lacks.) Insufficient intersectionality is fatal. He’s gonna have to give some more rousing, demagogic “they wanna put ya’ll back in chains” speeches to win over the rambunctious SJW’s, and I don’t think he’s up to it. He missed his window, which was the last election cycle when the foreordained coronation of Herself ended in a deluge of tears.


  5. I don’t know how to share an image here. But this this link is to a tweet. Which shows the opening welcome email.

    It starts with “all men are created equal”

    We all know that is historical reference. But we also know that part of Biden’s appeal is to White men. And that the strength of the Democratic Party is women and minorities.

    So he starts with “men” and quoting a slaveholder.

    As friend said about this, this was a sign that he probably doesn’t really understand the problems of his lack of appeal to those that are not white men.

    That obviousness is the problem.


  6. Joe Biden is a hollow man. At least some of the other DEMS have core convictions. Like Jeb Bush he will receive big institutional contributions but fail to excite the base of small doners. A male Hillary? We shall see.


  7. 1. As I wrote in the piece, he is almost certain to win the Rust Belt. That is all the Democrats need to beat Trump.
    2. The progressive views of the other candidates will scare off many moderate voters.
    3. I assume that you believe the age issue also applies to Bernie, who is older.
    4. As I see it, Biden can serve one term, restore the country to normalcy, and then step away.
    5. Biden is not a perfect candidate. My argument is an entirely pragmatic one. He has the best chance to beat Trump. Period.


  8. I honestly don’t understand this. First, he is very old. I know that this keeps being dismissed. But the life expectancy for a White man his age would mean that he would be at the life expectancy a few months before the end of his second term.

    Second, I know it is historic, but he has so many positions that are problematic around race. Working to end bussing, which effectively killed the national policy on integration, pushing criminal justice reforms that negatively impacted minorities, his chairing of the hearings around Clarence Thomas.

    I could keep going on. There are 20 candidate right now. He has the most name recognition, but he is known for saying dumb stuff. He is known for supporting bad policies. He is very old. Why should he be the one people rally around?


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