Most Popular Posts of the Last Week

Here are the most popular posts of the last week:

  1. A Visit to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  2. Song of the Day: “Hills and Valleys” (Congrats UVA)
  3. Where are the Court Evangelical Defenders of “Family Values” Today?
  4. Pete Buttigieg Slams Evangelicals for Supporting Trump
  5. Tony Bennett, Evangelicalism, and University of Virginia Basketball
  6. Jimmy Carter: Democrats Should Change Their Position on Abortion
  7. Trump Tells Border Agents to Break the Law.  Court Evangelicals Remain Silent
  8. Mount Vernon CEO Doug Bradburn Explains What It Was Like Giving Donald Trump a Tour
  9. Is Pete Buttigieg’s Religious Rhetoric Any Different Than the Rhetoric of the Christian Right?
  10. A Message to the Michigan Department of Education: We are All Democrats