Does Biden Have Silent Majority?

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At this point, I think he is the Democratic Party’s best chance to beat Trump.

Over at The New Republic, Alex Shephard argues that Biden’s views represent the views of most Democrats.  He will also win moderates and independents, most of whom are looking for any reason not to vote for Trump.  Finally, I think he has the potential to win enough anti-Trump evangelicals to win easily.

Here is a taste of Shephard’s piece:

A Morning Consult poll released Monday found Biden still leading the Democratic field with a nine-point advantage over second-place Bernie Sanders. Politico, meanwhile, reported that “party gatekeepers” in key primary states still had Biden’s back. The former vice president has perhaps been written off by left-leaning media or left Twitter, but not, it appears, by plenty of other Democrats.

One explanation offered up for the disparity between the narrative about Biden on the left and his actual standing among Democratic voters is that social media has warped perceptions of the party’s base. The New York Times’ Nate Cohn and Kevin Quealy, working off of research by the centrist Hidden Tribes Project, found that “the outspoken group of Democratic-leaning voters on social media is outnumbered, roughly 2 to 1, by the more moderate, more diverse, and less educated group of Democrats who typically don’t post political content online.” These Democrats described in the Times were significantly less likely to have attended a protest in the past year and significantly more likely to view so-called “political correctness” with suspicion. “Over all,” reported Cohn and Quealy, “around half of Democratic-leaning voters consider themselves ‘moderate’ or ‘conservative,’ not liberal. Around 40 percent are not white.”

The party’s progressive base, they contend, is overrepresented on Twitter and Facebook. “Roughly a quarter of Democrats count as ideologically consistent progressives, who toe the party line or something further to the left on just about every issue. Only a portion of them, perhaps 1 in 10 Democrats over all, might identify as Democratic socialists, based on recent polls,” Cohn and Quealy wrote.

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4 thoughts on “Does Biden Have Silent Majority?

  1. Unicorn,

    You are correct about the left going after Joe Biden. Thus far, they have forced him to mount an apology speaking tour claiming that he indeed is a true progressive and repenting for some of his past moderate votes and positions. Will his current tactic ingratiate him to the vocal left? Will it alienate moderate Democrats?

    Thus far most of his Democrat opponents have been silent on Biden’s questionable ties, via his son, to the Ukraine and China. Also none of them have delved deeply into his funneling of campaign funds into family businesses or his exorbitant speaking fees to various organizations. If Joe Biden does declare himself a candidate and get into the race, things will get a lot nastier. Right now his opponents are keeping their powder dry.



  2. But as you’ve seen in recent weeks, the long knives are already out for him because he is too white and too male to satisfy the base.

    As I said above, he has to survive the circular firing squad of Perfect Purity of Ideology.


  3. At this point, I think he is the Democratic Party’s best chance to beat Trump.

    Provided he gets past the circular firing squad of Ideological Purity Perfection(s) counting coup.


  4. John: I completely agree that, among the D’s current field of presidential aspirants, Biden does represent the party’s best chance to beat Trump. But as you’ve seen in recent weeks, the long knives are already out for him because he is too white and too male to satisfy the base. It remains to be seen whether an “old guard” Democrat, who is in no way moderate but who at least doesn’t frighten middle-of-the-road voters with appeals to socialism, abolishing fossil fuels, reparations, etc. — can emerge from the primary.

    And, does he have the political courage to push back on some of these far left initiatives, which are demanded by the true believers but which will alienate potential swing voters looking for any reasonable alternative to Trump? We shall see.


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