Commonplace Book #69

…attendance at a postsecondary institution no longer guarantee s a “college education.”  Instead, colleges and universities now provide a full-service experience of “going to college.”  These are not remotely the same thing, and students now graduate believing they know a lot  more than they actually do.  Today, when an expert says, “Well, I went to college,” it’s hard to blame the public for answering, “Who hasn’t?”   Americans with college degrees now broadly think of themselves as “educated” when in reality the best that many of them can say is they’ve continued on in some kind of classroom setting after high school, with wildly varying results.

Tom Nichols, The Death of Expertise, 72.

One thought on “Commonplace Book #69

  1. The country had a problem even before the rise of degree mills, on-line colleges, “for profit” colleges, etc. Our public school system has put too little emphasis upon vocational education and structured apprenticeship programs which emphasize the dignity of skilled blue collar work. Instead of training teenagers and young adults in a skilled trade, we prepare an unduly high percentage for marginal academic experiences.


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