Rules for Flying


Rule #1:

If you are under six feet and two inches tall, please do not select an exit row seat.  People who are 6’8″ have a really hard time fitting into a regular seat, especially when the person in the seat in front of them decides to recline.

That it my only rule.   Thank you.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Rules for Flying

  1. Forgive me, but I will continue to choose exit-row seats when available because though I am “only” six feet tall, I have very long legs. However, your point is well taken. And of course the airlines are counting on us taller people paying an exorbitant extra fee to “upgrade” to some sort of so-called business class, in order to feel reasonably unsquished as we fly.


  2. Rule #2: Once it becomes apparent (which it was to every other passenger who glanced dubiously at your luggage prior to your boarding the plane) that your oversize carry-on will never fit in the overhead compartment, no matter how many times you try to cram it in there, please accept reality, let them tag it and stop blocking the 37 people still waiting in the aisle to find their seats.

    Rule #3: Always demand both cookies and the packet of stale pretzel shards — even if you have no intention of eating them — along with an entire can of beverage when it’s time for the sardines to be fed, because: that’s at least .47 cent recoupment towards that usurious $30 checked bag fee. Tiny, petty victories against the Leviathan are better than nothing.


  3. John,
    Have you ever had a restless adolescent in the seat immediately behind yours? Some of them are inclined to kick your seat back or perform leg extension pushing into the seat back. Attentive parents will correct them but sadly not all parents are attentive.


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