Trump’s Veto Message to His Base

I just received this e-mail from the President of the United States.  He continues to play to darkness over light.  He continues to play to fear over hope.  And who are these 93% of Americans who want  him to finish the wall?  Perhaps they are members of his staff or the GOP senators who supported him.  This letter sounds like the musings of an insecure tyrant.


The liberal swamp will never learn. That’s why I just VETOED the Pro-Crime, Pro-Drugs, and Pro-Open Borders Democrat inspired resolution.

Liberals in the Senate chose politics, I chose YOU.

59 Senators voted to put illegal immigrants and political games over YOUR safety. DISGRACEFUL!

But, when I asked American Patriots (the people that matter) over 93% said YES VETO & FINISH THE WALL. When the people talk, I always listen.

As your Commander-in-Chief, I will NEVER put politics over the safety of American Citizens, so help me God.

Even with this Veto, the attacks will keep coming from the “Border Deniers” and their allies in the mainstream media. We have to do something HUGE to have the resources to fight back.

That’s why I need you to contribute to the most important fund of my presidency – the OFFICIAL WALL DEFENSE FUND.

The Wall is being finished. Trust me. But the radical liberals will keep pushing back construction while precious American lives are lost. NO MORE!

I need you to step up, Friend. This is your moment to go down in history and FINISH THE WALL. 

Please contribute at least $5 by 11:59 PM TONIGHT to our Official Wall Defense Fund and your gift will be TRIPLE-MATCHED.

Thank you,

Donald Trump

President of the United States

15 thoughts on “Trump’s Veto Message to His Base

  1. And who are these 93% of Americans who want him to finish the wall? Perhaps they are members of his staff or the GOP senators who supported him.

    Or the most FANATICAL of Trump Fanatics:
    Born-Again(TM) Bible-Believing(TM) CHRISTIANS(TM).


    • Unicorn,

      But the class of folks mentioned in your second paragraph will not come near to the 93%. I will very unscientifically put Christians at less than 20%. Of course, that opens up the whole discussion of what defines an evangelical.


  2. This is what jumps out for me:

    “But, when I asked American Patriots (the people that matter) over 93% said YES VETO & FINISH THE WALL.”

    Given the way Americans are polling as a whole on this issue, that group of “American Patriots” being polled represents a minority subset of America. And yet, Trump makes crystal clear that to him, these are the only people who matter.

    I understand campaign rhetoric. But everything he has done since taking office continues to be only for his most passionate base. They are the only ones he cares about, the only ones he speaks to, the only ones he even considers to actually be “real” Americans, and he makes that clear at every point.

    Yes, I know, we are deeply politically divided, and any politician is going to be partisan. I get that. But until now we had presidents who at least tried to speak to the country as a whole, or tried to at least give lip service to the idea that we are all Americans, even if their policies and strategies reflected their partisan goals. Trump can’t even bring himself to give this lip service. He campaigned on his base being the only real Americans, and he has governed in exactly the same way.

    Why do I find it virtually impossible to respect Trump in his role as President? In part because from day one, he has made it clear that he doesn’t even see a wide swath of America, including me, as even being relevant or worth speaking to, or even being considered part of this country. To him, the majority of the country who is not passionately devoted to him are just varying degrees of enemies of America.

    I anticipate the responses to my comments here, but I do not believe for a moment that I am overstating the case.


    • Dave H.,

      I can understand your discomfort with Trump’s tone; as I have stated elsewhere on these Way of Improvement discussion pages, his style is not the way I personally interact with others. With that being said, Trump’s style is one of the things which got him elected. Many voters were simply sick and tired of all the coached and canned rhetoric coming out of Washington. Leaders in both major parties were and are guilty of purveying this political pablum which was often very disingenuous and resulted in “business as usual in Washington.”

      Looking st the DEM field of candidates, we have to ask why Bernie has such enthusiastic support. In my opinion, it is because he speaks his mind with passion and does not play the carefully scripted verbal game which has been approved by political handlers. While Sanders does not go after individual personalities quite as much as Trump, he doesn’t mince any words about certain entities he dislikes. He can be viscerally hostile at times.

      Many of the commentators stated that 2016 was a “change election” presidentially in that voters were tired of the same old game. I personally think we are still in a period where there is a distrust of the old norms. Despite his age, his extreme views, and his cranky personality Sanders may well be the DEMs “reality” candidate to compete with Trump. It will be interesting to watch things unfold in the next year. People are probably still looking for “what you see is what you get.”



  3. John: what about the email — which is pretty standard issue in tone for fundraising, get-the-base-frothing missives of this type from both parties (read: completely over the top) — struck you as tyrannical?


    • Yes, Tony. The Christian Right does this all the time. I write about it briefly in *Believe Me*. But why is it always the GOP, or at least those in the GOP who appeal to American fears? I have been on similar mailing lists from non-GOP candidates and presidents and they do not appeal to fear in this way.


      • The word “fear” is used around 400 times in the A.V. That doesn’t count all of the uses of feared, fearest, feareth, and other variations of the word. Many of the references portray the word in a very positive light.

        Fear can be a recoiling from evil or a concern or apprehension about evil. It can also be awe irreverence.

        John, I really think you are on thin ice with your blanket condemnation of fear. I think it is a reasonable response to dangerous wrongdoings.



    • I don’t want in on that. I am very concerned about what the wall across our Canadian border will cost. I am not sure if it will also include the border between Alaska and Canada. The footers wii have to be deep to go beyond the permafrost.
      But as we know, you don’t have a country without borders and you don’t have a border without a wall. So it must be built.


      • Jeff,

        Most of the Canadians respect the national border they share with us.

        I drove up to the wilds of Ontario a couple of years ago. The Canadian border agent wasn’t all that welcoming. I couldn’t understand it. My truck just contained a placid-looking middle-aged guy (me), and an even more placid-looking middle-aged woman (my wife.). The vehicle had no Trump bumper stickers, NRA stickers, Christian stickers, etc. In other words, nothing should have upset the politically correct folks up there. Yet the border booth man grilled me. Are you carrying any firearms?” No. “Do you own any firearms?” Not an arsenal. “Do you have a concealed carry permit in your state?” No. “What city or area are you planning to visit?” Sudbury. Eventually he waved me through. Not very neighborly!



        • You should have just drove off road just before reaching the border, you know, made a left or right turn until things looked clear, then abruptly turned north, over the border. That’s how it’s done.


          • Jeff,
            That is a clever idea but I was worried about damaging my vehicle on a rough patch of frontier road. Additionally, I had a vpconcern that Pajama Boy Justin might have shown me no mercy for the border incursion.


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