Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Michael Cohen Plans to Call Trump a ‘Con Man’ and a ‘Cheat’ in Congressional Testimony”

The Washington Post: “Michael Cohen expected to testify that Trump knew of WikiLeaks plot”

The Wall Street Journal: “Michael Cohen to Say Trump Learned of WikiLeaks Plans Early, Committed Crimes While in Office”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Nittany Lion Inn, Hotel Hershey, 12 Philly places, more: The 32 highest rated hotesl in Pa.”

BBC: “Pakistan India: Pakistan shoots down Indian aircraft over Kashmir”

CNN: “Michael Cohen will testify that Trump knew Roger Stone talked with WikiLeaks about DNC email dump”

FOX: “Cohen to accuse Trump of knowing about Roger Stone-WikiLeaks plot, but deny ‘direct evidence’ of Russia collusion”