Is Os Guinness Riding the Trump Train?

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I don’t know if the evangelical writer Os Guinness voted for Donald Trump or supports all of this policies, but I think it’s fair to say that he thinks Trump’s critics are misguided.  Here is Christian Post piece on Guinness’s recent appearance with court evangelical Eric Metaxas:

Guinness said he agreed with Metaxas on his assessment, saying that he believed anti-Trump evangelicals and Catholics “haven’t analyzed the situation rightly.”

“They’ve become obsessed with Trump, and they’ve failed to see that he’s not the cause of the problem, he’s the consequence, the symptom,” Guinness responded.

“While they’re being obsessed with him, the real problems are developing underneath. And Trump won’t be forever. So he serves out two full terms and finishes in whatever way. Then you would still have the problem.”

Actually, I think some evangelicals have analyzed the situation rightly.  They see both the serious problems with Trump and the longer-term problems that Trump represents.  In my book Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump, I took a very long view of Trump’s rise among evangelicals.  My analysis was driven by my understanding of American religious history.  I am an anti-Trumper because I have tried to analyze the situation.

Here’s more from the Christian Post piece:

Labeling many of the evangelical and Catholic critics “friends” of both himself and Metaxas, Guinness went on to state that he felt they were “dead wrong” about their focus on Trump.

Metaxas then added that he found it “horrifying” that many of these evangelical critics of Trump were “demonizing” supporters of the president, arguing that their statements prevent civil discourse.

As a Trump critic, I am not trying to “demonize” anyone.  I just want people like Eric Metaxas to use his platform to speak out against the incompetence and immorality of this president.  And when I say “immorality” I do not only mean Stormy Daniels.  I mean the nativism, misogyny, and racist comments and policies.  Let’s remember that Metaxas, among many other things, defended Trump’s Charlottesville comments.

More from the Christian Post:

“They think that everyone who is a sane person must be viciously against Trump. If you’re not that, then you’re not part of the crowd anymore. And so, you can’t even talk to those people,” continued Metaxas.

Guinness believed that Christians needed to adopt “a better analysis of what’s gone wrong” in the United States and to “respond to it in a much more Christian way” than attacking Trump supporters.

Better public discourse can emerge if Americans would “get it out of just the obsession with Trump” to better think about pressing issues, like whether to build a wall on the southern border, Guinness added.

“You think of the wall and the fact that here’s a position which so many of the leading Democrats supported themselves, for the right reasons, not that long ago,” said Guinness. “Now because Trump’s in favor of it, they can’t possibly admit anything like that. Well, this is an insanity for the nation.”

Am I reading this correctly?  Does Os Guinness favor the Trump’s border wall?

Read the entire Christian Post piece here.

3 thoughts on “Is Os Guinness Riding the Trump Train?

  1. I am not of the opinion that Os Guinness has jumped on the Trump bandwagon. I agree that some in the never-Trump and anti-Trump camps have become obsessed with the president and are not acknowledging of the “degrees of difference” between the various Trump voters. Regardless of how long he serves, there are still problems that need to be addressed. Trump exploited fears to win. Someone needs to calm the fears to lead. As for Metaxas being vilified, i guess he loves playing the martyr and will never realize his role in making the problem worse by enabling an insecure and narcissistic real estate developer.


  2. Well Paul, it really comes down to placing certain principles above other principles. Everyone is principled to a degree, and everyone bends those principles based on greater principles.


  3. I think it is fair to say that Trump has forever changed American Christianity.
    No longer will anybody be able to say that the most obvious wing is a principled movement.


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