The Wall: A Political Box of Trump’s Own Making

trump at wall

Here is a taste of a great New York Times piece by Julie Hirschfield Davis and Peter Baker on Trump’s border wall proposal and its political consequences:

To many conservative activists who have pressed for decades for sharp reductions in both illegal and legal immigration — and some of the Republican lawmakers who are allied with them — a physical barrier on the border with Mexico is barely relevant, little more than a footnote to a long list of policy changes they believe are needed to fix a broken system.

The disconnect is at the heart of the dilemma facing Mr. Trump as he labors to find a way out of an impasse that has shuttered large parts of the government and cost 800,000 federal employees their pay. Having spent more than four years — first as a candidate and then as president — whipping his core supporters into a frenzy over the idea of building a border wall, Mr. Trump finds himself in a political box of his own making.

In transforming the wall into a powerful emblem of his anti-immigration message, Mr. Trump has made the proposal politically untouchable for Democrats, who have steadfastly refused to fund it, complicating the chances of any compromise.

“As a messaging strategy, it was pretty successful,” Mr. Krikorian said. “The problem is, you got elected; now what do you do? Having made it his signature issue, Trump handed the Democrats a weapon against him.”

Read the entire piece here.

3 thoughts on “The Wall: A Political Box of Trump’s Own Making

  1. Couple questions.
    Do we have reason to believe the border agents selected to be trotted out were a random selection?

    Are we do be angerered by the NYT and buy in on the propagandist Fox News?

    Not a question but it’s not possible to truly roll Trump. He will claim he is winning, has won, or whatever he wants to say and his base will cheer. He doesn’t CARE about anything but himself and his ego. As long as that gets stroked he is winning.


  2. During the last Govt Shutdown a few years back, I remember the calls from the pulpits for a Military Coup.

    I expect similar calls from the pulpit for a coup-from-above (including a full-honk REX-84 from the Second Coming of Christ in Trump Tower DC) any minute now.


  3. This article was a typical New York Times piece of editorializing masquerading as news. The authors cherry-picked statements by members of the administration and by Trump allies. Furthermore, they misrepresented the views of border patrol agents by citingonly a Democrat study. I wonder how long the NYT can in good conscience continue this sort of writing.
    The article does bring up a good point about the need for an e-verify system for employees and employers. In concert with the wall this system would be very effective.
    I also think that Trump needs wall funding for another reason not mentioned in the article. If he lets the DEMs roll him on this matter, they will smell blood and become emboldened in pursuit of other nefarious goals.


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