Does Your Church Have a Trendy Name?


Over at The Federalist, G. Shane Morris has categorized trendy evangelical church names.  Here are his categories:

  1. “Just Random Words” (“The Journey,” “The River“)
  2. “The Grocery Store Romance Novel” (“Burning Hearts,” “Word Aflame“)
  3. “The Gated Community” (“Centerpoint,” “Grace Pointe,” “Crossroads“)
  4. “The Night Club” (“180 Church,” “Ignite,” “The Alley“)
  5. “The Gym” (“Action Church,” “Champion Life Church,” “No Limits Fellowship“)
  6. “The Internet Startup” (“Catalyst Church,” “Engage,” “Netcast“)
  7. “The Spa” (“Renovate,” “The Healing Place,” “Wellspring”)
  8. “The Jeb Bush” (“Relevant Life,” “Dream Church,” “Compassion Church“)
  9. “Huh?” (“Caleb’s Foot,” “Scum of the Earth Church,” “Cowboy Church“)

Read the entire piece here.

7 thoughts on “Does Your Church Have a Trendy Name?

  1. re: The Cowboy Church

    Not sure if your readers have read it, but Marie Dallam’s recent _Cowboy Christians_ was great!


  2. Hilarious!
    One church near me has been on the Trendy Name Trip for at least a decade. Originally Anaheim Baptist, around 8-10 years ago it changed its name to “Portal”, adopted a maroon-and-neutral-grey color scheme for everything connected with it (including the invitations slipped under my front door), and scrubbed any and every mention of them being a church.

    A couple years later, “Portal” got to be too day-before-yesterday so they changed their name yet again, to “Portico”. (And their color branding to red-on-white.) Still no mention on their literature that they’re a church.

    And they’re not fooling anybody — the building remains a Sixties-vintage modern A-frame church. Go to Google Streetside for “700 W Broadway, Anaheim, CA”, traverse around to the north side of the street and take a look.


    • Just passed by Portal/Portico over the weekend.
      They’ve changed names yet again.
      Don’t remember the latest name, but it DOES end in “Church”.

      “Obi-Wan. The Circle Is Complete…”


  3. I don’t get why laughing at other churches is something to be proud of–the Babylon Bee article was satire, but inspired this guy to go out and publicly shame actual churches for names that offend his aesthetics.


    • I don’t take it as shaming. We should be able to laugh at ourselves. And when we do something that is nowhere in scripture, ( such as naming our church), a little poke may make us at least think about it.


      • We should be able to laugh at ourselves.

        “Satan fell through Force of Gravitas.”
        — John Donne(?), cited by C.S.Lewis, Preface to Screwtape Letters


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