Why You Should Hit the Golf Links With a Trump Evangelical

Trump golf

Daniel J. Conny’s November 26, 2018 letter to The Buffalo News sums it up pretty well:

Evangelical Christians (and other God-fearing folk) have taken to looking the other way when it comes to President Trump’s ethical and moral shortcomings. The president’s pattern of behavior is forgiven because he is unconventional but delivers on key issues.

Pastor Robert Jeffress observed that, “Evangelicals knew they weren’t voting for an altar boy when they voted for Donald Trump.”

Rather than attempt to deny or defend Stormy Daniels’ allegation that she had an affair with Trump, Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, simply said: “We kind of gave him – ‘All right, you get a mulligan. You get a do-over here.’”

In amateur golf, a mulligan is an extra stroke allowed after a poor shot. The President has been granted multiple mulligans in the case of what many religious folks have traditionally held to be guiding life principles. Some examples:

• Fidelity in marriage is to be honored. At best, Trump has a checkered marriage history. Ignore “for better or worse.”

• Honesty is a virtue. 6,000+ lies and counting.

• Do not incite resentment for individuals of another race or religion. Charlottesville. Muslim ban. “Invading” caravan. Ignore “we are all God’s children.”

• Honor the family. Trump separated children from their parents – some never to be rejoined.

While I disagree that ends justify means, evangelicals are more welcome to join my foursome the next time I tee it up. Their generosity with mulligans would help my score.

Daniel J. Conny

Orchard Park

One thought on “Why You Should Hit the Golf Links With a Trump Evangelical

  1. Although the world is replete with true believers in the amateur golfing sport, I have never been able to join them———-try as I have on several occasions. It is just too slow-moving for me. In any case I did find it interesting to learn the definition of mulligan.

    Mr. Conny uses golf as a literary device to impugn Donald Trump on four counts. The only valid criticism he raises is Trump’s less-than-exemplary marital history. I will allow that Trump does not fit into the Biblical standard here. The other three critiques lack validity. Probably the most risible was that Trump has told 6,000 lies in his short political life. Mr. Conny would be hard pressed to document a fraction of these lies. Can we all agree that politicians of all parties make general rhetorical statements——especially in their campaign speeches———which are hardly taken literally by anyone? Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, both Bushes, and everyone else is guilty of campaign hyperbole and crowd-arousing statements. I would bet that Honest Abe, The Rail Splitter, did his share of it on the campaign trail. The sad thing is that we on all sides of the political spectrum accept, yea even expect, these sorts of exaggeration.

    I have no idea what Mr. Conny’s religious beliefs are, but I would challenge him to find more than a handful of politicians who are truly Godly. There are a few of them but for the most part it just doesn’t go with the turf. Not all used car dealers are crooks, but we instinctively walk onto the lot with both eyes open. Evangelicals, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Eastern Orthodox, Hindus, Mainline Protestants, and animists, who have been around life for a while, all know this.


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