A Suggestion for that Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) Purchase

Believe Me 3dYou just returned from Thanksgiving dinner with your family.  Members of your family are Trump supporters and evangelical Christians.  Political debates took place over turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.  You held firm to your anti-Trump convictions, but you struggled to persuade many of your pro-Trump family members.

You are already thinking about the upcoming December holidays.  How will you be able to convince your evangelical family members (civilly, of course) that hitching their wagons to Trump is a bad idea?

Perhaps this resource might help.  You have about a month to read it before Christmas.  🙂 (It also makes a great Christmas gift!).

3 thoughts on “A Suggestion for that Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) Purchase

  1. I have to say that Dr. Fea’s even-handed moderation of his blog has inspired me to read his earlier books. The wide variety of current subjects he covers will likely be also covered historically.


  2. I hope in this holiday season that the diverse readers of this blog can come together in agreeing that we should spend money on the books of our host.


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