A Trump Thanksgiving

The Washington Post described Trump’s speech to the world from Mar-a-Lago as “rhetorical bedlam.”

Here is a taste of Josh Dawsey’s piece:

Asked what he was most thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day — a question that for commanders in chief usually prompts praise of service members in harm’s way — Trump delivered a singularly Trumpian answer.

“I made a tremendous difference in our country,” he said, citing himself.

And this:

Beneath a gold ceiling, Trump told troops representing five branches in five countries overseas about “barbed wire plus . . . the ultimate” that was blocking migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. Loquacious and hopping from topic to topic, he debated the merits of steam catapults vs. electromagnetic ones for aircraft carriers and whether the United States was being treated poorly on trade. On both occasions, perplexed officers on the other end of the phone seemed to disagree with his conclusions.

And this:

The president complained at length that a new Navy ship was using electromagnetic catapults to propel ships off boats. In his mind, Trump said, steam was far better — and he was incredulous the military would consider otherwise. “Would you go with steam or would you go with electromagnetic? Because steam is very reliable, and the electromagnetic, unfortunately, you have to be Albert Einstein to really work it properly,” Trump asked.

“You have to be Albert Einstein to run the nuclear power plants that we have here, as well. But we’re doing that very well. I would go, sir, with electromagnetic,” the officer responded.

And then there was this reference to “the Historical Society”:

He offered, without evidence, that Hillary Clinton had “probably” deleted more than 100,000 emails, a continuation of his long campaign to impugn her for using a private email system. At the same time, he defended Ivanka Trump’s use of a private email account for government business as “very innocent.” He said Ivanka’s private emails were all “in the Historical Society”; her lawyer has said they were forwarded to an official government server.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the President of the United States!

Read the entire piece here.

6 thoughts on “A Trump Thanksgiving

  1. Dear Paul,
    I don’t know if you have ever lived in a military barracks environment, but I can tell you that there are obvious issues regarding privacy. Infusing s sexual element into this setting does not promote unit cohesion and discipline. It is very easy for armchair generals to set policies which don’t directly touch their civilian lives.

    If you think I am misinterpreting the Bible’s teaching regarding sexual morality, I’d be happy to discuss it with you further. I am not saying anything different than what the Church has taught for 2,000 years. It might be 2018 but Christians should not select morals values based on the secular spirit of the age.


  2. You project into the Bible what you want it to say, not what it actually says. Rejecting gay Americans is unlawful discrimination, what year do you think it is?


  3. Hello Paul,
    I was using the word “immoral” in a Biblical context.

    As far as discrimination, it is necessary a part of military life. We don’t allow enlistments to candidates with very low IQs, all kinds of physical disabilities, midgets, major psychological problems, and a wide range of moral/criminal disqualifications, In addition to fielding a capable fighting force, the military has an interest in promoting unit cohesion. Discrimination of many kinds is necessary to achieve this end.


  4. Donald Trump is a colorful character indeed but at least he is concerned about the operational readiness of the U.S. military. B.Obama’s SECDEF was for a time Robert Gates. After he left office, Gates commented about a rather unusual Obama behavior. During substantive Defense briefings Obama often showed minimal interest and even seemed to be preoccupied with other matters. Yet when something arose about homosexuals being permitted to serve, President Obama sprang to life and began editorializing passionately for such a move. As a former soldier I would call that a twisted sense of priorities; as a Christian I would call it an immoral sense of priorities. At least Trump cares about operational readiness.


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