Franklin Graham Politicizes His Father’s Birthday

Franklin Graham can’t help himself.  Why not help the local economy by giving this job to a Charlotte baker?

2 reasons:

  1. He is a culture warrior
  2. He wants to control his father’s legacy

By the way, if you don’t know who Jack Phillips is, click here.

Just to be clear:  This post is not about whether the Supreme Court decision on Masterpiece Cakeshop was right or wrong.  (If it was me, I would have baked the cake).  It is about Franklin Graham using such a divisive figure to promote his father’s birthday.

2 thoughts on “Franklin Graham Politicizes His Father’s Birthday

  1. Franklin may be celebrating his father’s birthday with a cake made by an anti-gay baker from Colorado. However, the citizens of Colorado are celebrating today after electing a Democrat for governor and who is also the first openly gay man to lead a state.


  2. “Why doesn’t he help the local economy?” It’s a cake, not the opening of a factory. As a knock on Graham, that complaint is a reach.

    What about the politicization argument? Well, I am not a fan of Franklin Graham — at all — but I am at a loss as to why this particular decision is objectionable.

    First, we should examine exactly how Phillips became a so-called “divisive figure.” Was he seeking media attention, trumpeting his Christian views on gay marriage? Nope. He was (literally) minding his business, baking cakes for all comers, including gays and lesbians. (There was no generalized refusal of accommodation.) He simply declined, based on his faith, to make a cake for a particular event — a gay wedding. Agree or disagree with his stance (John disagrees), this was not a man who was trying to thrust himself into the culture war or crusading against the LGBT community. No, that happened because LGBT activists and leftist bureaucrats in Colorado — who displayed a brazen, anti-Christian animus — decided that he was to be made an example of and tried to destroy his business. Fortunately, they failed.

    A Christian who supports individual religious freedom and opposes government coercion requiring violation of one’s faith (whatever that faith is, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc.), should have been heartened by the SC’s decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop. (Separately: it is the right result under 1st amendment jurisprudence which balances religious liberty objections against compelling governmental interests and the availability of less restrictive means.) Heck, an atheist who values pluralism and doesn’t want to live in a society where the state can force people to be indentured bakers, or photographers, or pick-your-vocation because bad think must be punished and conformity mandated, should have been equally enthusiastic. I realize John expressed no position on the MC holding in his post, but I see very little wrong in hiring this man to make a cake for this anniversary.


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