Rhys Bezzant Reviews *Believe Me*

Believe Me 3dRhys Bezzant is a Jonathan Edwards scholar and Dean of Missional Leadership at Ridley College in Australia.  He recently reviewed Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump at the Patheos blog Evangelion.  Here is a taste:

With pert prose and a full mind, John Fea introduces us to the present political situation in the US, but does so in terms of its recapitulation of themes from American history generally, and American Christian history in particular. This is a fantastic book which draws out the themes of fear, power and nostalgia which are in evidence in Trump’s rhetoric and ascendancy, but which have also haunted the US since its founding. Of course fear will be present when the Puritan errand established such lofty ideals that falling away from them would be almost inevitable. Of course power has insinuated its poison into the cultural and religious life of a nation which has also been an Empire. Of course nostalgia towards an imagined past was always going to be an emotional pull since the world became more complicated and fractured after the end of the Cold War. Together they make for a potent mix in a socially and politically volatile period. With contemporary attempts to create a narrative for America as a Christian nation, with the founders during the revolutionary period the chief architects, Trump is surfing other currents in the nation’s life with skill.

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