Fans Vote on Their Favorite Springsteen Women


Three of the top Springsteen heroines (Mary, Wendy, & Terry) appear on the Born to Run album

Pete Chianca of Blogness on the Edge of Town blog recently asked Bruce Springsteen fans to name their favorite “iconic heroines” from the Boss’s song catalog.

Here are the top ten:

  1.  Mary (Thunder Road)
  2.  Rosie (Rosalita)
  3.  Wendy (Born to Run)
  4.  Sandy (Fourth of July, Asbury Park)
  5. Candy (Candy’s Room)
  6. Puerto Rican Jane (Incident on 57th Street)
  7. Bobby Jean (Bobby Jean)
  8. Sherry (Sherry Darling)
  9. Terry (Backstreets)
  10. Mary (The River)

Read the rest here.

Listen here:

One thought on “Fans Vote on Their Favorite Springsteen Women

  1. I personally prefer a mule called Sal, but that may be because we’ve just finished the economic development of the Early Republic…


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