The *Believe Me* Book Tour Comes to Laurel, Maryland

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I had a wonderful morning last Sunday with the good folks at Emmanuel United Methodist Church in Laurel, Maryland.  I spoke on the theme of hope in both the morning services and then met with about thirty church members who have spent the last several weeks reading and discussing Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump.  Thanks to Rev. Stephanie Vader for inviting me.

Emmanuel is a small church, but the members of the congregation are thoughtful Christians who are filled with spiritual life and vitality.  I was blessed by my visit and found myself on the drive home wishing I could be part of their community on a more regular basis.  Emmanuel is a church striving to speak truth to power in the age of Trump by living lives defined by justice, compassion, mercy, love, peace and humility.

You can watch the service here.

One thought on “The *Believe Me* Book Tour Comes to Laurel, Maryland

  1. While I cannot comment specifically on Emmanuel UMC in Laurel, I have had experience with the UMC in Maryland generally. I would not say that this particular conference generally stands for historic Christian orthodoxy. While many of the parishes are filled with nice people, I personally believe most of the individual churches have gone far afield from the teachings of John Wesley.
    In 1968 when the Methodists United with the old EUB denomination, there were over eleven million members nationally. Today there are less than eight million on the books and virtually every conference shows continuing annual membership declines. Most honest observers attribute this membership hemmorage to the denomination’s sad drift into liberalism.


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