Newt Gingrich is Getting Nervous


I received this e-mail letter today.  (Yes, I am on the Donald Trump campaign mailing list).


I was one of the conservatives who believed President Trump could win the White House. The energy in our country in October 2016 was like nothing I had ever witnessed. I knew the polls were missing something.

I want you to know that I’m not one to be swayed by doomsday polls put out by the media. But I must admit that I’m concerned that our House Majority could be in jeopardy.

Races are too close for comfort. The Left is fired up. With our final end-of-month deadline coming up, this is our moment to fight or lose.

Please make a contribution to help the President invest in the most important races that will decide the fate of the people’s House — and ultimately even the White House.

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi would be third in line for the presidency.

All work that has been done to secure funding for the wall, provide resources for border security, slash Obama’s regulations, grow our economy, cut taxes, and protect miners, farmers, and all workers would be lost.

Instead, Democrats would use the people’s House as a weapon to attack President Trump.

Please make a game-changing contribution of $5 to help the President invest in the most important races that will decide the fate of the midterm elections ONLY 7 DAYS AWAY.

Thank you,

Newt Gingrich

3 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich is Getting Nervous

  1. John,
    I don’t know if it’s wholly accurate to say that Newt is duetting nervous. I am sure he’d like the landscape in the House elections to look more secure, but we both know that both parties use this court of rhetoric in the closing days of elections. The object is to motivate lazy voters to head to the polls; in other words, the base needs to be stimulated. The DEM spokespeople do the same thing.


  2. John: hey, Newt’s handwritten fundraising appeals are not the lead story. Give the people what they want — a first hand report on the soccer game! Congrats on what appeared to be a hard-fought, nail-biting, glorious victory, as the Mechanicsburg dream season continues. 🙂


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