Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

A Simone Weil revival

When the Klan came to Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Leo Durocher

Eric Foner reviews David Blight’s new biography of Frederick Douglass

Who are the opponents of political correctness?

How archivists, librarians, and museum professionals help communities heal in the wake of violence

Help Chris Gehrz start a Christian liberal arts college

James K.A. Smith

Religion, politics, and the news

Evangelicals and Catholics in the age of Trump

Wendell Berry on raising kids

More history wars

Trump, history, and the politics of rage

The history of mail bombs

Evangelicals and the common good

2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Odds and Ends

  1. Maybe rage stands out more that is more closely linked to the President and party in power?
    I know I am more disturbed by the visuals of the screamers at the Trump rallies with a President smiling and pointing at the press and calling them fake news. Those ragers have a wink and a nod from the President. That gives them an edge.


  2. I read the piece in the Atlantic re: “the politics of rage” to see if it would live down to my expectations — and it did not disappoint.

    A Yale historian (after discussing Civil War era Southern rage defending slavery), identified troubling examples of recrudescent rage in our present political moment. Care to guess who makes the rogues gallery?

    Trump. Scott Wagner. Kavanaugh. (Yes, Brett. How dare he respond to smears that he was a gang rapist with anything but sheepish equanimity?) Gingrich. Fallwell, Jr.

    Do you sense some … incompleteness in this list? A questionably narrowed focus? End stage confirmation bias?

    She does manage one passing reference to Eric Holder. But make no mistake: in her telling — her historical survey — rage is a right wing phenomenon.

    In fact, she culminates by assuring us that Resistance — to Republican rage, of course — is not violent, but passionate and somehow ennobling.

    The author just isn’t able to locate any meaningful examples of left wing rage. I mean, who ya gonna believe: her, or your lying eyes? Ironically, Kevin Williamson — he of the double plus ungood crimethink which ended his stint at the, cough, diverse intellectual tent at the Atlantic before it began — just wrote a piece for National Review discussing this same topic.

    Astonishingly (maybe because he has access to Google) he was able to identify all manner of rage — indeed, encomiums to its righteousness and political utility — from precincts not frequented by the Gingrichian hordes.

    The author of the piece is entitled to her opinions and slanted presentation. But it’s a bad look for an historian who intends to retain a modicum of credibility on the subject.


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