You Never Know What You Will Find at Goodwill


For example, you may find an issue of the Pennsylvania Journal and the Weekly Advertiser from 1774.  Here is a taste of Marielle Mondon’s article at the Philadelphia Voice:

A rare copy of a Philadelphia newspaper from 1774, emblazoned with the iconic “Unite or Die” snake, was discovered at a Goodwill center in New Jersey.

The 244-year-old issue of the Pennsylvania Journal and the Weekly Advertiser was published Dec. 28, 1774, predating the start of the Revolutionary War by just a few months when the first shots were fired at Lexington and Concord in on April 19, 1775.

The copy is also one of few papers from the Revolutionary Era that had a “Unite or Die” snake masthead – a variation of Benjamin Franklin’s “Join, or Die” emblem first published in 1754 (long before it became inspiration for the Sixers). The only other known copies of the paper with that date are at Illinois State University, the University of Chicago, and Yale University.

The paper was reportedly brought to a Goodwill collection center in Woodbury, Gloucester County, framed and under glass, according to NJ Pen. The donor is unknown.

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