Small Towns: Redux


Some of you read my piece yesterday about small towns.  Frankly, I am bit surprised by the amount of comments and e-mail this post generated.  A few comments:

  1. I appear to have offended all the cosmopolitans.
  2. A few people implied that the post bordered on racism.
  3. Some folks have made important points about the limits of small towns.
  4. The Wendell Berry/agrarian crowd seemed to love the piece.

As for me, I am focused on the big District 3 soccer semi-final game on Monday night!  Rather than debate the pros and cons of small towns, I will just choose to live my life in one!  Go Wildcats! 🙂

At one of the stops on the Believe Me book tour someone asked me if the real divisions in our country are between rural folks and urban/suburban folks.  The heavy response to this post leads me to believe that this may correct.

But I still think that the “way of improvement” can lead “home.”  I still cling to the cosmopolitan rootedness I wrote about in this 2008 book and this 2003 article in the The Journal of American History.

One thought on “Small Towns: Redux

  1. John,
    I am slightly surprised——but only slighly——-that you receive some flak for your reflections on small town life. The Trump meltdown of the urban elites is accelerating. I doubt that you would have received such pushback prior to the election of the current president. Even an innocent piece about the benefits of a non-cosmopolitan venue seems to have set several of them off. Can’t they handle another two years? What about six years?


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