Tara Isabella Burton Reviews *The Trump Prophecy*


Trump Prophecy

Some of you may recall our posts about The Trump Prophecy, an evangelical movie about a fireman who prophesied the election of Donald Trump.  Students at Liberty University produced the film.

VOX reporter Tara Isabella Burton saw the movie.  Here is a taste of her review:

But The Trump Prophecy is more than a feel-good, low-budget movie. It’s the purest distillation of pro-Trump Christian nationalism: the insidious doctrine that implicitly links American patriotism and American exceptionalism with (white) evangelical Christianity.

Everything about The Trump Prophecy— from its subject matter, to the way it’s shot, to the little details scattered through the movie’s (often interminable) scenes of domestic life — is designed not just to legitimize Donald Trump as a evangelical-approved president but to promulgate an even more wide-ranging — and dangerous — idea.

The Trump Prophecy doesn’t just want you to believe that God approves of Donald Trump. It wants you to believe that submission to (conservative) political authority and submission to God are one and the same. In the film’s theology, resisting the authority of a sitting president — or, at least, this sitting president — is conflated with resisting God himself.

David Barton, the Christian Right GOP activist who uses the past to promote his political agenda, also appears in the movie. Here is Burton again:

An inexplicable 30-odd minute “interview” segment at the end of the film features interviews with controversial evangelical historian David Barton (whose books champion the idea that America was founded as a Christian nation), Wallnau, former US Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), and other prominent evangelical figures.

Read the rest of the review here.

5 thoughts on “Tara Isabella Burton Reviews *The Trump Prophecy*

  1. I do despair a bit because I know so many people, family and at church who lap this stuff up without a thought. I despise this deeply, but don’t have the public speaking or relational skills to really stand up to it. (I’m one of those quiet, thoughtful, intellectual introvert types…) So many times I just don’t know what to do or say… against this idol worship bordering on evil that is deep within our churches. I pray. I groan inside – but feel there has to be something more I can do.


  2. A good start would be to enter “Barton” into the search box at the upper right of the home page. The same would probably hold up at the blog “Warren Throckmorten.” Barton is the premiere propagandist for the Christian Nation movement…..maybe that should be minister of doctored history. He is not a historian by education or training and plays loose and fast with details – some people would call it out and out lying. In fact, there’s a book available called “Liars for Jesus” by Chris Rodda (2 volumes) that is well researched an heavily footnoted. She’s also not a historian but was one of the first to start calling Barton out in minute detail.

    I’ve always thought that the most egregious thing about Barton’s tall tales is the fact that he’s depriving a lot of decent people access to the truth, thus their ability to make sound decisions. If the right of conscience is the root of freedom of religion then he’s depriving them of a fundamental natural right for political ends.


  3. It seems crazy that anyone would believe such illogical tripe — how could anyone not not ask why the same courtesy is not extended to Democrats — but this is par for the course with people who have been raised in churches and have been indoctrinated in evangelical media all their lives.


  4. Am not surprised. God & religion have been used as marketing tools since – well, forever. Eons ago, God & religion were used as marketing tools by the Catholic Church when they sold indulgences. St. Peters and the Vatican are testaments to their success.

    Liberty University is now trying to do something similar by using God & religion as a marketing tool to sell Trumpism. Will they succeed? Perhaps. However, elevating Trump to God’s “Chosen One” status, will be very difficult for many people to accept.


  5. I had never heard of Barton till a few months ago. A couple from church follow him pretty heavily. Any recommendations on rebuttal works would be great. Already Greg Boyds book from a theological side on ‘Christian ‘ nation.


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