Most Popular Posts of the Last Week

Here are the most popular posts of the last week at The Way of Improvement Leads Home:

  1. David Brooks: Don’t make up your mind about Kavanaugh without reading this
  2. Ben Sasse: “We all know that the president cannot lead us through this time.”
  3. What Happens When the Economy of an Iowa Town is Powered by Workers That Trump Wants to Deport?
  4. The Author’s Corner with Gregg Frazer
  5. The Believe Me Book Tour Rolls Through Elkhart, Indiana and Holland, Michigan
  6. The Believe Me Book Tour Rolls Through Grand Rapids, Michigan and Upland, Indiana
  7. Hey Ben Sasse, What About Merrick Garland?
  8. Chris Dudley Could Wield a Bar Glass, but He Couldn’t Hit a Free Throw to Save His Life
  9. Teaching African American History with Documentaries
  10. The Author’s Corner with Jonathan Gienapp

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