Michelle Bachmann: “God is Using Trump”


The Huffington Post reports on what former congresswoman Michelle Bachmann said during an interview at last weekend’s Values Voter Summit. Here is a taste:

“For men, for women, for young people, for blacks, for Hispanics,” we’ve never had it better economically,” she said. “We’ve never had it better on a foreign policy level. We’ve never had a more pro-life president, a more pro-Israel president.”

Nor has there been a chief executive “who cares [more] about the religious liberty,” Bachmann, a featured speaker at the values summit, said in the interview, which aired on SiriusXM Progress.

And this:

“He has so rocked everything he’s done,” she said of the president. ’Everything he has touched has literally almost turned to gold on every level. People’s lives are better because of this one man. And I think that can’t be lost. We’ve seen an answer to our prayers from two years ago.”

Really?  Is the nation really in better shape under the leadership of a serial liar, an adulterer, a president who caters to racists and xenophobes, disrespects women, who understands “religious liberty” as a code word for the Christian Right’s agenda, and pulls the nation out of international collaborations that benefit the common good, especially on climate change?

Based on Bachmann’s providential view of the world, could we also ask if God is using Trump to punish America?

4 thoughts on “Michelle Bachmann: “God is Using Trump”

  1. It could be more like the case of ancient Israel clammoring for a king like the other nations to which God let them have Saul. Who was unstable, insecure, petty, vindicative…..
    A critical mass of Americans were ready to jump on the Trump bandwagon, (which had a number of Russians helping to pull it along), and now we have a “king” who is, well, unstable, insecure, petty, vindicative….


  2. It always amazes me the certainty with which some people declare that they know what God is thinking, saying and doing at any time of the day on any issue.

    Once you’ve bought into trump being God’s anointed tool then anything that he does must be God’s intended action and, therefore, beyond questioning. Once you’ve bought into trump being God’s anointed tool then anyone in opposition to Trump is operating against God and likely is in communion with demons and possibly Satan himself.

    I don not see these people as seeking common ground with anyone not believing this line. Absolutely authoritarian.


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