Who Signed the Bible Evangelicals Presented to Trump?

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The evangelical leaders who attended a White House dinner on Monday presented Donald Trump with a Bible.  We wrote about it here and wondered about the reference to “greatness” in the inscription.

We don’t know much about this Bible apart from the inscription.  For example, who signed it?

Over at Get Religion, a website that covers religious journalism, Bobby Ross Jr. is also curious about the signers.  He writes:

But at least one prominent evangelical at the dinner — Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear — stressed that he didn’tsign the Bible, as noted by Birmingham News religion writer Greg Garrison….

Given Greear’s denial, a GetReligion reader who contacted me about my earlier post suggests that Godbeat pros may want to ask a few more questions:

Shouldn’t some enterprising religion reporter try to find out more about the Bible? In addition to who signed it — since J.D. Greear has publicly noted he was not asked and did not sign the Bible (and I know another person present at the event who was not asked to sign it) — I think it would be interesting to know what kind of Bible was it — what translation, was it a study Bible, what publisher, etc.? It may be notable that it was Paula White who presented the Bible, which may (or may not) indicate the kind of Bible it may be.

No doubt religion writers have a few other things going at the moment. But I’d love to know the answers to the questions the reader raises.

Read Ross’s entire post here.

3 thoughts on “Who Signed the Bible Evangelicals Presented to Trump?

  1. Well, I went to the Get Religion’s website and I clicked on today’s posting as well. Under their “Friday Five” the top story of the week was “Why do evangelical Christians support Trump?”

    Naturally, I clicked on the link and in that article were many quotes by Bill Leonard, church historian. Very impressive guy. One thing he says expresses my feelings exactly:

    Evangelicals have abandoned separation of church and state in recent decades as they’ve seen an opportunity for government to prop them up, Leonard said.

    “Their response to Trump as a person who is going to restore Christianity to its proper place is an indication how their approach to Christian conversion has failed,” Leonard said. “It is no longer reaching the multitudes as they thought it would. As their evangelistic influence wanes, they go looking to government to support their presence and authority in the country. They want the government to save them.”



  2. What difference does it make who did or didn’t sign it, what version, publisher, etc. except to the chattering class? I don’t mean to be disrespectful or anything. The book could be in braille or invisible ink. trump will never open it to read.


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