2018 Princeton Seminar: Day 6

2018 Princeton Sat 4And that’s a wrap.

Yesterday was the final day of the 2018 Gilder-Lehrman seminar on colonial America at Princeton University.  It was another great week with 34 teachers from around the country.

The last day of the seminar is my favorite.  We talked about Philip Vickers Fithian, the “rural Enlightenment,” the First Great Awakening, and the Britishness of the American colonies on the eve of the American Revolution.  In the afternoon, the teachers presented their lesson plans to their colleagues in the class.

It was a wonderful week.  I always learn so much from these teachers. Their passion for history and history education inspire me.  But this week was different.  As many of you know, I have spent the last year or so thinking and writing about evangelicals and Donald Trump.  My return to the 17th and 18th centuries this week was a refreshing refuge for me.  It renewed my commitment to continue my work in early America and gave me an intellectual jump start on a book I am writing on the American Revolution.

Thanks to everyone who made this week happen:  George Boudreau, the staff at Princeton University, the seminar staff at Gilder-Lehrman, the teachers willing to commit a week to an intensive study of colonial America, and especially my partner-in-crime and seminar coordinator Nate McAlister.

We will be back next year!

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