Christian Nationalists Love Guns

Guns and Bibles

A team of sociologists have published a study arguing that those who believe America is a Christian nation are less likely to support gun control.  Anyone who studies evangelicalism knows this instinctively, but thanks to Andrew Whitehead, Landon Schnabel and Samuel Perry we now have evidence that our hunches are true.

Here is a taste of their piece in The Washington Post:

In our newly published and freely available study, the connection between Christian nationalism and gun control attitudes proves stronger than we expected. It turns out that how intensely someone adheres to Christian nationalism is one of the strongest predictors of whether someone supports gun control. One’s political party, religiosity, gender, education or age doesn’t matter.

You could be a mainline Protestant Democratic woman or a highly educated politically liberal man — the more you line up with Christian nationalism, the less likely you are to support gun control.

Read the entire piece here.

One thought on “Christian Nationalists Love Guns

  1. At last I have enough time to actually write think and compose instead of just dashing off a quick reaction.

    In this case, the subject is what an old-school SF fan like me calls “The Church of Zardoz”.

    Talk about Second Amendment Sunday services…

    In this case, the Evangelical Church of Zardoz is probably a number of factors that all came together synergistically over the past half century. (Note that this is primarily anecdotal, from my observations from a half century ago, in no particular order.)

    1) The USA has a national mythology of the Western Frontier — and that includes the sixgun in a frontier land where a man had to be able to defend himself because there were no legal authorities that far from civilization..(Add to that such self-reliant distrust of “dudes from the East”.)

    2) After World War II came the Cold War. With the Cold War came a Red Scare and the likes of the John Birch Society, with conspiracy theories of the Vast Communist Conspiracy trying to subvert and take over America with the help of Useful Idiots and Stooges. (Search YouTube for “communist takeover of america” to get an idea of some of the memes that were going around at the time.) In this environment, the idea that the US Government might fall and we will need our guns for the Resistance would have caught on.

    3) When I was in college in the late Seventies, I remember the editorials in Guns & Ammo on the bookstore magazine stands. Very similar to (2) above, always about The Gun Grabbers and “Registration by 1977, Confiscation by 1978, COMMUNISM by 1979!”. In tone and style,reminiscent of the Jack Chick tracts which had messed up my mind a few years previous. And as hypermsaculine as that other magazine of the time, Soldier of Fortune.

    4) And (2) & (3) above always seemed to have some sort of Christianese overlap. In 1972 when Bircher James Schmitz ran for President on George Wallace’s 1968 American Independent Party, I remember flashes of some of his campaign literature. After all the Communist Conspiracy rhetoric, the first entry of the “What then shall we do?” was “PRAY!” followed by one to three SCRIPTURE verses about God hearing the prayers of the faithful and/or If My People Call Upon Me. So in 1972 (after the uproar of the Sixties) there was some sort of Christian crossover underway. (Again, tone and style reminiscent of a Jack Chick tract.) I also remember Christianese AM radio of the period with “Billy James Hargis — For Christ AND AGAINST COMMUNISM!!!!” and a local TV news commentator who in retrospect sounded like a flat-out Bircher.

    5) Then there’s Christian Nationalism/Reconstructionism/Dominionism (or whatever Ism-ism they rebrand themselves as these days). Take Back America and Make it a Christian Nation again, as it was in the days of such Born-Again Bible-Believing Christians like Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and ALL the Founding Fathers. My term for them is “Handmaid’s Tale Wannabes” and their America Made Christian Again as “The Republic of Holy Gilead”. Note that all the above are based on FEAR, as well as the three axioms of a Grievance Culture, i.e. a culture whose only reason for existence is Revenge on the Other:
    5.1) “Once We were Lords of all Creation, and Everything Was Perfect!”
    5.2) “Then THEY came and took it all away from us!”
    5.3) “IT’S PAYBACK TIME!”

    6) Mix all the above, add Entropy, stir well, bake in a 350 oven for 40-50 years until everything reaches critical mass, and you expected to get something else?


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