2 thoughts on “Spotted in Barnes and Noble

  1. And I’ve always checked the “New Age” (formerly “Occult”) section in used bookstores, because in a lot of places, it serves as a catchall section for anything “weird” or “offbeat”. I once scored a classic Poul Anderson nonfiction book on speculative exobiology that way, and I’ve seen known “weird fiction” in that section mistaken for nonfiction.

    Now specifically about that Other Book next to yours in the DePaul University Loop bookstore, “Faith-Based” takes on Celebrity Autobiographies are really common, no matter what the Celebrity or Reality Show. (Like the Christian Industrial Complex is obsessed with announcing “One Of Us!”) As an example, “John & Kate Plus 8” had their own Faith-Based Autobiography and Celebrity Study Bible on the shelves (which all disappeared down the memhole when the J&K+8 sex/divorce scandal went down).


  2. Many years ago I found a book titled “New Harmony” (about the settlement in Indiana) shelved in the music section of a library.


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