More Court Evangelicals Defend Trump’s Helsinki Remarks

Here is court evangelical Franklin Graham:

Here is Southern Baptist minister Jack Graham:

Why are these evangelicals so supportive of Donald Trump?  I try to answer that question in Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump.

Believe Me 3d

One thought on “More Court Evangelicals Defend Trump’s Helsinki Remarks

  1. The reaction and uproar (34 GOP senators objecting) was all over Los Angeles morning drive-time radio this morning. From what I was hearing on KFI, I expected a Court Evangelical counter-reaction lashback to follow — a variant on “The kings of the earth rage against The LOOORD and His Anointed”.

    The “Thank You Donald Trump” from the tweets is also a tag line of a regular Court Evangelical troll on a blog I follow. Said troll is a Bible-quoting Trump Fanatic (and I mean FANATIC); I have the blogger’s blessing to counter-troll him. (Said blogger was the guy who recommended your blog and books to me, and attended the DC stop on your book tour.)


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