Hope Happens at the Church Door

RiversideI write a lot about hope in Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump.  I wish I could write about it with the beauty and experience of Amy Butler, pastor of The Riverside Church in New York City.  Here is a taste of her post at Baptist News Global: “Hope for America as we know it can be“:

I don’t recognize the America in which I live now, but I still love the America I dreamed of back then.

But holy moments happen at the door.

As the line at the door came to an end on Sunday, a very nice couple approached me and said, “Hi. We’re visiting today from Toronto.” They looked at me with not a little sympathy, then said, “Keep the faith. We know the best of America. We’re just waiting for the frat party to be over so that we can help you clean up.”

Hope soared in my heart. Maybe I am not the only one who remembers that America. Maybe we can become again who we were. It’s just a matter of deciding who we are going to be.

Holy moments happen at the door, don’t forget.

Read the entire piece here.

One thought on “Hope Happens at the Church Door

  1. not much hope inside those doors. plus, not americans, so somewhat less hope. happy and grate that canadians will forgive and forget, but we will need help at the polling station in the form of votes


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