*Believe Me* is Officially “Launched!”

Thanks to everyone who came to the Midtown Scholar on Saturday night for the launch of Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump.  The folks at the Midtown were surprised at the large turnout and the book sold out!  According to one estimate, we had about 125 people in attendance!

Here are some pics:

Launch 2

Two historians founded The Midtown Scholars bookstore–Eric Papenfuse and Catherine Lawrence.  Papenfuse is now the mayor of Harrisburg

Launch 3

The Midtown Scholar is one of the best independent bookstores in the country.



Launch 6

The Midtown Scholar is part of the revitalization of the Harrisburg “Midtown” area


Launch 9

We sold out!  (Not sure about the Counter Culture Coffee though)

Launch 10

Messiah College history major Ben Baddorf was first in line!

launch 11

Great to see so many friends.  Also made some new ones.


Launch 13

The Midtown Scholar has a very cool “green room”

Launch 14

Ally is ready for the event to start.  (Caroline is behind the camera)

Launch 15

Such a great venue!

Launch 8

I ran into these two Trump voters.  They also happen to be my very supportive parents!  (I know what you’re thinking–it’s complicated)

2 thoughts on “*Believe Me* is Officially “Launched!”

  1. If there were pro-Trump folks in attendance, they did not speak-up. Of course this was also a launch–a sort of celebration of the book. I am expecting more resistance as I head south.


  2. I am curious as to whether there were any in attendance who were less than welcoming to any book that asks questions about the loyalty and devotion to President Trump.


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