Penn Live Covers *Believe Me*

Believe Me JPEGThanks to Ivey DeJesus for her work on this piece.  Here is a taste:

John Fea is preaching to his tribe when he excoriates the millions of white evangelicals who in 2016 swept Donald Trump to presidential victory.

Fea, an American history professor at Messiah College, accuses this demographic of ignorance and hypocrisy in aligning itself with a narcissistic, vulgar and seemingly unChristian man as Trump.

That is the blistering assessment that Fea delivers in his newly published book, “Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump.”

A cultural critique, the book is a departure for Fea, who has written about half a dozen historical works. In this latest book, Fea taps into his own personal identity as a Christian evangelical to drill down into the historical forces that led 81 percent of his brethren to vote for a candidate who had no apparent Christian values, and at every turn, seems to violate the faith’s tenets.

“Nothing Trump could say or do would deter his diehard white evangelical supporters. This is still the case. Most evangelicals were willing to ignore his moral lapses because he had, to their way of thinking, the correct policy proposals,” Fea  writes.

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