Trump Will Deliver for Evangelicals With a Conservative Supreme Court Justice

Donald Trump,Anthony Kennedy

This is why 81% of American evangelicals voted for Donald Trump.  Anthony Kennedy has retired and he will certainly be replaced with a pro-life (on abortion) justice.

The court evangelicals and their followers have traded a president who peddles in misogyny, racism, deceit, and division in exchange for a president who will appoint the right Supreme Court justices.  This is the trade-off.

Commentators today are saying that Trump’s appointment of another conservative justice will be a major part of his legacy.  He will change the make-up of the court for a generation or more.  This is true.  But only time will tell how the witness of evangelicals will be weakened over the next generation or two (or more) because they have hitched their wagons to Donald Trump.

Again, this is the trade-off.

Here is Ruth Graham’s take at Slate:

The announcement on Wednesday afternoon that Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire from the Supreme Court was a vindication for Trump’s evangelical defenders, who had one message for voters in 2016: Close your eyes and think of the Supreme Court. No matter how a Christian might feel about Trump as a man (the extramarital sex, the mockery of the disabled), they said, he would have a chance to radically reshape the makeup of the Supreme Court. This week, that calculation paid off.

It is hard to overstate how relentlessly Trump’s evangelical supporters promoted this message, especially as the campaign staggered toward Election Day. The emergence of the Access Hollywood tapes in October 2016 was widely expected to threaten Trump’s advantage among white evangelicals. A thrice-married casino mogul was one thing, but one whom voters could actually hear bragging about grabbing pussy?

“Hold your nose and go vote,” evangelist Franklin Graham told about 10,500 attendees at a prayer rally in North Carolina in 2016, circling the wagons after the tapes emerged. “You have to decide which one of the two (presidential candidates) that you would trust to appoint justices that are going to protect our religious freedom as Christians.”

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