Happy 10th Birthday to “The Way of Improvement Leads Home”

10th Birthday

As of yesterday we have been blogging here at The Way of Improvement Leads Home for ten years.  It has been a nice run.  As I posted back in April, ten years is a good time to reflect on what comes next.  I haven’t figured that out yet, but on this 10th anniversary I think it is appropriate to call attention to what we have accomplished here.

  • It took us ten years to do it, but we now have a readership of a few thousand people a day.  On a good day we can get around 3-4 thousand readers.  On a great day we can get up to 20,000.  And we have had a few posts that have attracted over 200,000 readers! A big THANK YOU to all who have read the blog over the years and continue to read it.
  • Our podcast audience is growing.  We have recorded over 40 episodes and have interviewed Pulitzer Prize-winners, National Book Award Finalists, Bancroft Prize-winners, Smithsonian museum curators, history educators, graphic novelists, and history news-makers of all kinds.  Drew and I are proud of our work at the podcast.  We hope you enjoy what he have done with it.  If you have, please consider becoming one of our Patrons by clicking here.
  • Our Author’s Corner feature brings some of the best books in early American history and American religious history to our readers.  History graduate students stop me at conferences to thank me for the series.  They are apparently using it to build their reading lists for comprehensive exams.  Over the last few years we have interviewed about 400 authors.
  • Our “So What Can You Do With a History Major?” series includes 57 interviews and stories about people using their history majors in creative ways.
  • Sunday Night Odds and Ends continues to be a reader favorite.
  • We have put the Virtual Office Hours on hold, but we are still contemplating a way to bring them back.

Over the years, we have had several Messiah College students and former students working at the blog and podcast.  I want to especially thank Drew Hermeling, Josh Lowrie, Mikaela Mummert, Megan Piette, Abby Blakeney, Devon Hearn, James Mueller, and Cali Pitchel.

In celebration of our tenth birthday, feel free to share what YOU have enjoyed about our work here at The Way of Improvement Leads Home.

3 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday to “The Way of Improvement Leads Home”

  1. Hi John
    I have only come across your blog in the last few months and I read it every day. Sunday night odds and ends is a favourite.

    Best wishes for the future from a reader in Ireland.


  2. As a Christian who desires to think as one I have found the blog to be my number one, sometimes only, source of thoughtful writing on the issues of today that helps and encourages me to do just that.
    I am finding it more and more difficult to express what I think about our society, our country, the church in America, parties, race issues,and on and on, with my Christian friends and family because virtually every one are solidly Christian nationalists, and devoted to President Trump. I get reasonable insight through the articles.
    Very important to me, when I come to this blog I am reminded that maybe I am not crazy! It’s kind of scary to listen to conversations and participate a little in conversations and know how different my perspective is from every Christian in my life.
    I read the articles here and maintain some confidence I am keeping in the right track.


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