The History of the “Conservative Resurgence” in the Southern Baptist Convention

UneasyI am not a scholar of religion in the American South.  Nor am I an expert on the Southern Baptists or the so-called “conservative resurgence” in the 1980s.  But ever since I started writing posts about this whole Paige Patterson mess, people (mostly non-Southern Baptists) have been asking me for good books on the history of the conservative takeover of the Convention.

What scholarly books would you recommend on this subject?  Here are a few that I have found helpful over the years:

Nancy Ammerman, Baptist Battles

Barry Hankins, Uneasy in Babylon

Barry Hankins and Thomas Kidd, Baptists in America: A History

3 thoughts on “The History of the “Conservative Resurgence” in the Southern Baptist Convention

  1. For those who might be interested in Schreiner’s reflections on Certainty,
    find below the text of the 1st chapter of Are You Alone Wise?

    Click to access Z5265O.pdf

    And below, the video of a lecture at Denver by Schreiner on Certainty and the Reformation.


  2. What about, “Steeplejacking: How the Christian Right is Hijacking Mainstream Religion” (2007) by Sheldon Culver (Author), John Dorhauer (Author), and Frederick Clarkson (Introduction)?

    A quote from the forward “It’s about power.”


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