3 thoughts on “Michael Gerson’s Keeps Bringing the Fire

  1. When you visit a fast food restaurant and order a hamburger and a coke they always ask if you would like fries with that.
    I picture many of my fellow Christians who are politically conservative Trump supporters discussing their viewpoints on immigration, racial issues and other social issues saying,
    “Would you like a little meanness with that?”.
    They speak of border security, protecting American jobs, providing real opportunities and many other things that often start off sounding good.
    But there is a meanness offered along with it.
    It can be sensed, though not always up front in the explanations by political leaders and chanting crowds or friends relaying what they saw on Fox News.
    But there is clearly a meanness that comes with it.


  2. I hate to even mention this, because I agree with practically everything in the quote, but in Jesus’ story _the Samaritan_ is the one who engages in the care of the robbed and injured man, not the other way around.


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