Evangelicals and Bishop Michael Curry’s Sermon at the Royal Wedding


Chris Gerhz of Pietist Schoolman fame reflects on the evangelical response (or lack thereof) to Curry’s sermon.  Here is a taste of his piece:

Did leading evangelicals pointedly ignore the sermon preached at Saturday’s royal wedding, by Episcopal Church presiding bishop Michael Curry? One religion reporter thought so, at least based on some quick social media research:

Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons



I checked a dozen of the most influential evangelicals on Twitter. Not one mentioned Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon-heard-round-the-world. I’m not sure they know how to handle it: can’t criticize b/c everyone loved it, can’t affirm b/c Curry is not an evangelical.


Now, that didn’t square with how I read evangelical Twitter over the weekend. First, there was evangelical criticism of Curry’s sermon, mostly from Gospel Coalition and other Reformed types who thought that Curry — given the chance to proclaim the Gospel to billions — may have said too much about love and not enough about sin. Plus conservative Anglicans who simply regard Curry as apostate for his embrace of same-sex marriage.

But actually, I was more struck just how many people I’d regard as both evangelical and influential responded enthusiastically to Curry.

Read the entire piece here.