Woops! Harry and Meaghan Will Be Married on the Day of Anne Boleyn’s Execution


You can’t slip one past a historian.  Here is Dordt College historian Scott Culpepper:

I have returned from an extended hiatus devoted to writing other things just in time to note the interesting and amusing irony of Prince Harry and Meaghan Markle’s royal wedding date. The royal couple have chosen May 19, 2018 as the big day. I trust all will go well and wish the happy couple the best. My fascination with British royalty will be satisfied watching all the pomp and circumstance surrounding their nuptials.

I would be remiss if I did not remind us all that May 19, 2018 is also the 482nd anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s tragic appointment with a French executioner’s sword. Anne was married to a less gentle Harry, one who also had flaming red hair. She paid the price of ambition with her life when she lost Henry VIII’s affection. That affection was wholly dependent on her ability to  give Henry a living son, something she was unable to do. When she died, no one knew that the daughter she bore in November 1533 and named Elizabeth would rise to become one of the greatest monarchs in British history. Anne died accused of adultery and witchcraft by the husband who had once been so obsessed with her and the prospect of her son that he had been willing to defy even the power of the papacy.

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