Why Some Evangelicals Love Israel

hagee jeffress

I turned my weekend tweetstorm into a piece for Religion News Service.

Here is a taste:

Because of Trump’s actions, dispensationalists believe the blessing of God will come upon America. The Jerusalem decision reinforces the idea that America is a Christian nation. This decision makes America great in the eyes of God. It also makes Trump great in the eyes of those American evangelicals who visit the White House regularly to consult with the president, the flatterers and sycophants whom I have called the “court evangelicals.”

Jeffress, Evans and other court evangelicals claim that they were influential in Trump’s decision to move the Israel embassy. If this is true, we can say with certainty that United States policy in the Middle East is now heavily influenced by dispensational theology.

Read the entire piece here.

2 thoughts on “Why Some Evangelicals Love Israel

  1. The court evangelicals seem to be split on this question. Some say that he is a sinner and unsaved, but God uses pagans like Trump to accomplish His ends. Other say he had a conversion experience and is not a “baby Christian.”


  2. Serious question. What do these evangelicals think of Trump’s eternal existence? Will it be with God in Heaven or eternal torment in the fires of hell – a used up pawn having fulfilled a temporal purpose? Is Trump, an entirely doubtful Christian who has denied ever asking for God’s forgiveness, who has sinned prolifically, and who seems completely unacquainted with Jesus’ central message, going to be honored by God? Or will Satan – the evil one imagined by most conservative Evangelicals, going to bag his soul?


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