*Believe Me* at the Festival of Faith and Writing

Believe Me BannerThis weekend hundreds and hundreds (thousands?) of Christian writers are gathered at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the biennial Festival of Faith and Writing.  We did a post about it yesterday.

My daughter Ally is a sophomore at Calvin.  Today she stumbled into the book exhibit and found the Eerdmans exhibit.  As many of you know, Eerdmans is publishing my book Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump.  It will be out in June 2018.  (Don’t forget to pre-order from your favorite bookseller!)

When Ally arrived at the table, the good folks at Eerdmans welcomed her and set up a photo-op.  According to Ally, the people in the picture below are “just random people browsing at the table.”  Apparently they all got to their keep their Advanced Reader Copy!

Ally at Faith

Ally is second from the left in the red coat

Here are a few more pics:

Ally at Faith 2

Ally and her roommate Nicole are going to start a book club on campus.  (Not really,  but I think it’s a great idea)  🙂

Ally at Faith 3

Ally made some friends at the Eerdmans table

Ally at Faith 5

The dedication page.  You know who you are.

Ally at Faith 6

Nicole seems to be enjoying the Introduction.  She doesn’t know that I will be presenting her with a quiz shortly 🙂