“Trump Accepted Christ”

This is the argument of Stephen Strang, author of the pro-Trump God and Donald Trump.  Here he is on CNN making his case:

Allyson Camerata doesn’t let him off the hook.

The “it happened long ago” argument is weak–very weak.

And then Strang ends by saying that Donald Trump is an answer to prayer because he cut taxes.

One thought on ““Trump Accepted Christ”

  1. I despise what this guy stands for, but he is right about one thing — Trump’s policies are in line with what evangelicals want. And that is much more of a disgrace — and I would argue evidence against Christianity itself — than the fact that they overlook his sexual sins.

    That many Christians are opposed to rational thought like climate change, that they are obsessed with lower taxes for the wealthy, want to take away health care from the poor, that they bear false witness against Democrats, all those things and more are far more damning than hypocrisy.


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