The Court Evangelicals in *The Washington Monthly*


Check out Nancy LeTourneau’s piece, “Court Evangelicals Are About to Get Their Payback,” at The Washington Monthly.  Here is a taste:

John Fea, who chairs the History Department at Messiah College, came up with a name for the white evangelical leaders who continue to support Donald Trump no matter what he says or does. He calls them “court evangelicals”  who, “like the attendants and advisers who frequented the courts of monarchs, seeks influence.”

These court evangelicals want something in return for their support of Trump. That includes things like the “religious liberty” to discriminate and Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Roe v Wade. But I would suggest that their priority is for the president to fulfill his promise to get rid of the Johnson Amendment, which bars churches, religious organizations and nonprofits from specifically endorsing or opposing political candidates in order to keep their tax exempt status, while allowing tax-free donations to their organizations.

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One thought on “The Court Evangelicals in *The Washington Monthly*

  1. These folks are already regularly and openly endorsing candidates from the pulpit and through their organizations, so it seems like there is not much that a repeal of the Johnson Amendment would further do from that standpoint. I think it’s primarily about their ability to directly channel funds they receive into political campaigns, to even further increase their level of influence in the political arena.


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