It’s Gonna Be a Long Walk Home

When I saw Springsteen on Broadway last month “Long Walk Home” was on the set list.  Here is a snippet from the Wikipedia page for the song:

Springsteen had said that it was a song about how he felt in the times of George W. Bush. “In that particular song a guy comes back to his town and recognizes nothing and is recognized by nothing,” Springsteen told The New York Times‘ A. O. Scott. “The singer in ‘Long Walk Home,’ that’s his experience. His world has changed. The things that he thought he knew, the people who he thought he knew, whose ideals he had something in common with, are like strangers. The world that he knew feels totally alien. I think that’s what’s happened in this country in the past six years.” 

I can understand why Springsteen is still playing this song in the age of Trump.  Lately this tune has been resonating with me on many fronts.

Here is “Long Walk Home”:



3 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be a Long Walk Home

  1. An important part of the genealogy behind that, I would guess, is this little artifact of hillbilly alienation (sometimes considered a “hymn,” though it’s a very strange hymn) written by the great Albert Edward Brumley:


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