What People Are Saying About The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast


Podcasts take a lot of work.  We have a staff of three at The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast.  As the creator and host of the podcast, I work for free.  Our producer, Drew Dyrli Hermeling (who some of you met in St. Louis this past weekend), is paid through our of the Patreon campaign.  Our studio producer, Josh Lowrie, is paid (at least until May) by a single angel donor.  Needless to say, we operate on a shoestring budget and we could really use your help.  Please consider investing in our work.

Here are some of our ITunes reviews:

Engaging exploration of the historian’s craft, American history, religion, politics, and more…Can’t wait to hear more!”

“Some podcasts are intellectual, but boring; some are fun, but shallow.  Some are hosted by bellicose personalities.  Some are hosted by posers.  It may take a lot of history podcast browsing before you land on one that is engaging for both an academic audience and non-academic audience, while at the same time is hosted by people you would like to invite to your house for dinner.  Fea and Hermeling make a great team.  They are both historians, and while they differ on some issues, they obviously are good friends and have superb rapport.  The guest so far have been top shelf, and the hosts engage them professionally and intelligently.”

“John Fea consistently pushes listeners to think critically using the discipline of history.  Using timely applications, he illustrates the power historical thinking has to gain insight into the world around us.  Everything has a history.  TWOILH podcast is worth your time because it will encourage you to think clearly.”

“I learned the value of thinking historically through reading Fea’s blog and listening to him speak.  I had no idea what I was missing.”

“I, like most people, subscribe to too many podcasts.  However, there are a few that I make sure to listen to every time they post.  In less than 5 episodes, The Way of Improvement Leads Home has become one of them. If you are interested in history or just in thinking deeply about the world around you, I would highly, highly recommend the podcast.”

“Just listened to the first four episodes while on spring break.  Whether you make a living in the profession of history or are someone who simply likes history, this is for you.  Terrific reflections on the practice of history and the events and outlooks of the past.”

“I have listened to every episode from the beginning and this is one of the best history podcasts around.  It is balanced, provides good scholarship, and thought-provoking interviews.  I have used many different components in my own history classes.”

“As a teacher it can be difficult to juggle the demands of lesson planning, assessing, and managing your classroom and still find time for expanding your own depth of knowledge.  This podcast helps to solve that problem.  With a keen focus on the teaching of history and engaging guests, The Way of Improvement Leads Home helps me stay connected to the scholarly world of historical study in an accessible and engaging manner.  Add it to your playlist and reap the benefits!”

“I so much appreciate the mix of broad overview of theory and big picture stuff Fea gives before the actual interview.  The casual nature of the interaction between Fea and Hermeling and their undergraduate technical assistant especially make this accessible.  My husband, who isn’t a historian, loved the podcast on sports we listened to while preparing Thanksgiving dinner.  Thanks for connecting the past to the present and I especially appreciate how frequently women scholars are featured–this is vital when so few podcasts feature women hosts.”

If you feel led to support us please head over to our Patreon page and become a patron or make a one-time donation.  Thanks in advance!  And if you can’t support us, please tell your friends about us or write a review at your podcatcher of choice!