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This is a strange story, but apparently Newsweek has a rather shady connection with a Bible school in California.  Below is a taste of an actual Newsweek story titled “Why is the Manhattan DA Looking at Newsweek’s Ties to a Christian University?”  The reporters nearly got fired for the story.

In the summer of 2016, Olivet University, a small, California-based Bible college, was preparing to build a satellite campus in Dover, a town in upstate New York. As the school’s development arm sought tax breaks and construction permits from the town, it made a surprising offer to county officials: Would they like free advertising in Newsweek?

The officials were skeptical, but they soon received emails from the magazine’s ad department with details. “We thought it was awfully odd that someone would say, ‘We would like to provide you with full-page ads,’” Assistant County Executive Ron Hicks recalled in an interview.

County leaders accepted the offer. And over the course of three months last year, Newsweek ran 10 full-page spots—worth about $149,000, according to the publication’s ad rates—promoting Hudson Valley Regional Airport and Dutchess County tourism, all free of charge at a time when the magazine’s parent company was in financial distress.

The previously unreported arrangement provides a window into the relationship between Olivet and Newsweek Media Group, the financial ties of which the Manhattan district attorney’s office is now scrutinizing as part of a long-running fraud probe, according to sources with knowledge of the investigation.

In January, investigators raided the media company’s lower Manhattan headquarters and removed 18 computer servers. The probe, which started more than a year ago, is focused, in part, on loans that the company took out to purchase the computer equipment.

Read the rest here.  Thanks to John Hawthorne for bringing this to my attention. As Hawthorne notes on his Facebook page, this is not Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois or Olivet College in Michigan.

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  1. Upon its acquisition by IBT Media, Newsweek became part of the complex quasi-Christian empire linking Korean David Jang and his followers Johnathan Davis and Etienne Uzac. Most likely they acquired Newsweek to buy its credibility. They also publish The Christian Post, Christian Today, International Business Times, and many other piblications (at least 33 others, per a former employee). (see the article “A Fool and His Money” at https://medium.com/@bpreeves/a-fool-and-his-money-are-the-new-owners-of-newsweek-financing-a-south-korean-cult-49b38946e1dc).

    They cultivated evangelical linkage, including Ralph Winter and court evangelical Richard Land (who was placed on their Olivet University main campus’s Board until Christianity Today published a multi-part expose around August of 2012. They attempted to acquire a large Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) retreat facility for a song about that time, which was rejected only after the disclosure by CT of alarming heretical teaching regarding Jang’s messianic claims, which lead to Land’s seemingly reluctant resignation from the Olivet University Board.

    The article at Medium.com gives a good overview, and the CT articles delve into the intentional murkiness of the people and their operations.


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