Are Tennis Balls Yellow or Green?

Tennis Ball

Marina Koren of The Atlantic always assumed that they were yellow.  But after reading the results of a recent Twitter poll she began to question that assumption.

Here is a taste of her piece “What Color Is a Tennis Ball?“:

It seemed like an easy question.

The query came from a Twitter poll I spotted on my news feed last week, from user @cgpgrey. “Please help resolve a marital dispute,” @cgpgrey wrote. “You would describe the color of a tennis ball as:” green, yellow, or other.

Yellow, obviously, I thought, and voted. When the results appeared, my jaw dropped with cartoonish effect. Of nearly 30,000 participants, 52 percent said a tennis ball is green, 42 percent said it’s yellow, and 6 percent went with “other.”

I was stunned. I’d gone from being so sure of myself to second-guessing my sanity in a matter of seconds. More than that, I could never have imagined the question of the color of a tennis ball—surely something we could all agree on, even in these times—would be so divisive.

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As I see it a tennis ball is clearly yellow. 🙂