“Incomprehensible and we can’t let it pass by”

This is what court evangelical Johnnie Moore said on Fox News yesterday.  And no, he wasn’t referring to the shooting in Parkland.  He was referring to Joy Behar’s remarks about Mike Pence.  While the nation’s attention is riveted on this shooting and we are trying to figure out what to do next to curb gun violence, court evangelical Moore, who describes himself as a “modern day Dietrich Bonhoeffer,” is on Fox News talking about the words of a B-list comedian on a daytime talk show.  Is this how Moore and Fox News distract attention from the real moral issue facing the country this weekend?

Why doesn’t Moore come out and say that the Florida shooting was “incomprehensible and we can’t let it pass by”?

Why have the court evangelicals been so silent beyond “thoughts and prayers?”

One thought on ““Incomprehensible and we can’t let it pass by”

  1. Joy’s comments show her concern for anyone who speaks these words: “God told me” or “Jesus told me.” For some reason, when a politician utters these phrases, as Christians we feel manipulated. And even more to the extreme, when Mike Pence uses the phrase, we all immediately envision Donald Trump and all that he represents. Cognitive dissonance ensues.


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