*The New York Times* Covers “The Memory Palace”


Check out Sarah Larsen’s piece on Nate DiMeo, the creator and host of “The Memory Palace,” a very popular American history podcast.  Some of you may remember that DiMeo was our guest on Episode 6 of The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast.

Here is a taste of Larsen’s piece:

Nate DiMeo’s long-running independently produced podcast “The Memory Palace,” part of the Radiotopia collective, is about history and, in its way, part of history itself: DiMeo started it in 2008, and a decade is a long time in podcast years. It’s both an established veteran and an esoteric indie, consisting of short vignettes about people, places, and objects from the past and the memories they contain—the old Coney Island, the year Hank Greenberg hit fifty-eight home runsthe early-twentieth-century Mexican-American botantist Ynés Mexía—written and performed by DiMeo, without the intrusion of other voices, set to faint background music. Episodes tend to be short—eight minutes, twelve minutes—and transporting. DiMeo sounds like a wistful youngish man dreaming into a microphone and teaching us things at the same time. It has carried him, and his audience, a long way. DiMeo was the 2016-17 artist in residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where he created several episodes based on its collections. Last year, as well, a book of “Memory Palace” stories, translated into Portuguese, was published in Brazil.

One way to experience “The Memory Palace” is to jump in anywhere, or to start with the most recent episode and work back; if you’re listening on a phone, it’s hard to poke around for topics of interest, because DiMeo omits episode descriptions in an effort to make the listener just surrender to listening. You can do that, or you can start with the show’s best-episodes page, which does indeed feature a bunch of winners. One of the show’s loveliest episodes, about the Dreamland amusement park in Coney Island, which burned down in 1911, is there.

Read the entire piece.

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