Baptist Missionaries Respond to Trump’s “S—hole” Comments

I was afraid this would happen.  Court evangelicals take heed.  Check out Jeff Brumley’s piece at Baptist World Global.  Donald Trump is not making it easy for missionaries in Africa and elsewhere  Here is a taste:

Those interviewed by Baptist News Global reported being not only offended by the derogatory comment but also embarrassed by the obscenity hurled at people and cultures they have come to know and love. They also expressed a concern that the president’s insult will likely make it harder for missionaries to perform the already difficult job of sharing and living the gospel in the four corners.

And perhaps worst of all, these ministers said, is that the attitude behind Trump’s comments ignores the enviable personal and spiritual depth of many who live in “shithole” countries.

Mitch Randall experienced that consistently during church mission trips to African nations.

Read the entire piece here.

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